Pre-Inca adobe pyramid of Huaca Pucllana in Lima, Peru
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Below is an annotated list of some recommended websites dealing with the archaeology and prehistory of the Andes, especially Peru. Most of these were written by archaeologists, or developed with their collaboration. They have been selected based largely on content, which is considered to be up to date and in keeping with general trends in Andeanist archaeology. The language(s) of the websites are listed in parentheses at the end of each description.

Lima and the Central Coast of Peru

  • Pachacamac Archaeological Project — This section of the website describes the archaeological site, which is a popular day-trip from Lima (English)
  • Paloma World — Information and a virtual reality tour of the Preceramic village of La Paloma, which predated the Inca by several thousand years (English)
  • Pachacamac —Website of the Museo de Sitio (Site Museum) of Pachacamac, includes overview information on the archaeological ruins, the history of Pachacamac, and tourist information for Pachacamac (Spanish).

Cuzco and Machu Picchu

  • Inca Archaeology — This site provides information and allows a virtual reality exploration of a site along the Inca Trail (Machu Picchu is “coming soon”). It’s very cool.

The North Coast - Trujillo and Chiclayo

  • The Moche Pyramids, Huaca del Sol and Huaca de la Luna
    Website dealing with the Moche civilization of North coastal Peru and the ongoing archaeological research project at the Huacas del Sol y de la Luna, directed by Dr. Santiago Uceda of the National University at Trujillo (English, translated from the Spanish by Error! Contact not defined.).

The South Coast — Nazca, Ica, and Paracas

  • The Nazca Lines — Overview covering the discovery, study, and general information about the Nazca lines from the Red Cientifica Peruana (Spanish)

The Southern Highlands - Arequipa, Puno, and Lake Titicaca

  • The Archaeology of Arequipa - Website of the Center for Archaeological Research in Arequipa (CIARQ). Overview of the archaeology of the Arequipa region, ongoing research projects (English and Spanish)
  • Islands of the Sun and the Moon, Lake Titicaca — Archaeological summary, peoples of the islands, and travel information for the Islands of the Sun (mythical birthplace of the Sun according to Inca legend) and the Moon in Lake Titicaca.

The Far South and Beyond

  • Contisuyo Museum - Archaeological museum in Moquegua. Virtual museum, general information on prehistory of Moquegua (Archaic Period, Formative Period, Wari, Tiwanaku, Estuquiña, Chiribaya, and Inca occupations), regional bibliography, etc (English and Spanish). This site provides links to multiple sites dealing with the Moquegua and Ilo area including:
  • Interactive Dig at Tiwanaku — An overview of Tiwanaku wrapped in an ‘interactive dig.” Authored by archaeologist Alexei Vranich who is directing research at the site.
  • Museo San Miguel de Azapa (Arica, Chile) — Archaeological Museum outside of Arica. Virtual Museum, information on archaeological conferences, laws, and periodicals (this website is in Spanish but it includes many photographs so you can see the kinds of things that are on display there). Search Flights 120x90 - Search Flights on 450+ Websites

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