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Your Guide: M.S.G.Quixo

My latest artistic obsession is ceramics. I'm producing some pretty nice pieces these days and I was invited to do my first gallery show in October, 2007! Here's some info about the show and some links to ceramics inspirations.

You can see my latest ceramics in Flickr. A couple years ago I had my first pottery exhibition, "unearthed" at Jennifer Joyce Ceramics Studio and Gallery! The exhibition page has a fun Flash widget I made to let you spin the pieces.

Jennifer Joyce's Los Angeles Pottery Studio in Santa Monica — I've been taking hand building and wheel throwing classes with Jennifer for a few years at her studio across the street from McCabe's Guitar Shop. I had been so interested in how Jennifer makes it as a potter in Los Angeles, I posted an interview about her work, especially the construction and remodeling ceramics. And we just launched an online ceramics gift store with bowls, pet photo plaques, ceramic sculpture and tiles, wedding decorations, pottery class gift certificates, and wedding gifts.

Eva Zeisel — Eva Zeisel is an industrial designer primarily known for her mass produced ceramics. Her shapes are beautiful, subtle and, though associated with mid-century modern, they are timeless. She turned 100 in November, 2006 and continues to work. (The link above goes to a site I built for my parents' collectors' club. Their collection was recently featured in a Zeisel retrospective at the Los Angeles Folk Art Museum.) I had the opportunity to meet Eva in New York and felt privileged to see her studio and latest work.

So Cal Potters — I just happened on this site while puttering about the web and I was instantly hooked. Chris McCormick brilliantly interviews contemporary ceramicists and blogs about other items of interest. I'm so pleased to have learned about new potters and their inspirations through this great resource!

Kim Westad — Also while web puttering I found Kim Westad's contemporary whimsical functional ceramics. Her work features gentle curves, subtle whimsy and bright colors. Only remotely related to what I like to do, but it just makes me happy to know she is out there. I also have to admit that I (lamely) reproduced her Whirl serving dish which is so brilliantly designed.

Robert Arneson — Years ago in San Francisco I was blown away by the detailed scribbles that make up the glazes on Arneson's gigantic ceramic sculptures. I've wanted to play with clay ever since. And some day I'll learn to glaze with such precise abandon.

Heath Pottery & Adam Silverman —I've been following both Adam Silverman and Heath Pottery for years. I was curious when I saw Adam's work featured in the Heath factory a couple of years ago. Well, they are working together now! I don't quite get the connection, but they both do work that I love. Adam's work is "modern" in the Picasso/indigenous/rough/ crude/challenging way. Heath is mid-century modern with super clean lines and classic color palettes.

Dave the Slave — I'm always looking at the work of ceramic artists and some of the most compelling is folk art. Dave the Slave's work is fantastic. Mainly functional pieces, Dave threw huge pots and inscribed them with poetry at a time when it was illegal for slaves to learn to read and write.

Edwin and Mary Scheier — I caught the documentary "4 Hands 1 Heart" one night and became enamored with wheel- thrown vessels (it is so much harder than it looks). The Sheiers' work combines wheel thrown pots with sculptural elements. The imagery, modern in style, takes inspiration from indigenous art. In fact, the couple spent many years late in their careers in Oaxaca Mexico.

Frank Lloyd Gallery in Santa Monica — This is thee ceramics gallery in Santa Monica and I suppose LA. Located at Bergamot Station, you can always find an exhilarating exhibition and cruise through a few other inspiring galleries.