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Interactive Grrrl

Here are some weird interactive web comics for ya. Back when Flash was young I honed my skills by creating some web comics featuring InteractiveGRRL, the spectacular internet heroine whose tag is "Don't push my buttions."

Live Video Chat! with Interactive Grrrl — Once again Interactive Grrrl is on the cutting edge with live video chat. Join others from around the world chatting with I-Grrrl through a technolgy we call TSF-INFA-WEB (That's So Fake - It's Not Fooling Anyone- Why Even Bother?). You can pretend you are talking to real people. Almost like having friends.

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Interactive Grrrl First EditionInteractive Grrrl 1! If this was a cool comic book, this would be the first edition and it would be worth a lot of money. Except it is just a web comic and it is a little lame. So click something already.

You've seen it on t.v.'ve seen it in the movies. You, know how people click some buttions then totally fly through the internet. Now InteractiveGrrrl fulfills all the media hype and flies through the internet. Well, ok maybe she just jumps around a little. But boy is it cool. It used to be cooler when pop-ups weren't blocked.

Works in progress. I've been working on some other characters. When I was working for Isys Ideasystems I came up with this: Crazy Isys. I'm also working on a Flash interactive / animation / music video. Tin Hat Man is the working name of this guy.

Before Interactive Grrrl there was Interactive BOYD, my first time playing with Flash. He doesn't do much, but he sure shows a lot of p otential.