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Graphic & Web Design Portfolio

I'm Marc Grobman, Editor-in-chief of I am a Graphic Designer with a focus in branding, interface design, and web marketing. I work on the big picture as well as hands-on with expertise in CSS, Flash, ActionScript and Search Engine Optimization. With the help of my design and programming partners I work on projects large and small. Feel free to contact me for a quote. Here is what I've been up to lately.

Flash + ActionScript

Flash Website Design -- Curtis AdamsCurtis Adams: Adrenaline... Magic that Rocks — a wickedly fun, over-the-top Flash website for a joke-telling, dancing, motorcycle riding, magician, Curtis Adams. My Role: Website Design, Flash Production, Custom ActionScripting, Video Integration, Search Optimization.


Flash ActionScripting Personality TestTrue Colors Personality Test — This fun, easy-to-use Flash Personality Test attracts visitors to the site. Information can be stored or sent to a friend. The Flash test allows users to describe themselves using 4 word groupings. The test tabulates scores and identifies the user's personality type. Different words are presented depending upon the user's age. My Role: Flash ActionScripting, Flash Integration with backend programming, Interface and Interaction Design and Program Identity.

Flash Presentation Design -- What's Up with GunsDairy Council of California Flash Educational Tools — I've developed several educational games in Flash. My Role: For each of these games, I created the logo/identities, built them in Flash, ActionScripted them and integrated the sound. In the MyPyramid Game users build the pyramid like a puzzle and then have to place foods in the proper groups.

Flash Presentation Design -- What's Up with GunsIn My Very Own Pizza kids drag and drop crust and toppings to make a compete, well balanced meal. ActionScripting is used to tell them if they used a healthy balance of foods. Afterward Flash sends the data to an easy to print page and kids have the recipe for later.

Flash Presentation Design -- What's Up with GunsFor BreakFAST and Jump to It kids make their way through the kitchen and select a complete breakfast in order to do their best at the jump-rope contest. An animated jump roper at the end appears as either a boy or a girl depending on the user's gender.

Custom Flash Website DesignEsprit Travel — This beautiful hybrid Flash website shows off this tour company's high-end services. My Role: Designed and custom ActionScripted the Flash portions of the site including the photo gallery and artisan tours.

Flash Presentation Design -- What's Up with GunsWhat's Up with Guns — Flash is used as a rich alternative to PowerPoint for a classroom presentation on the reality of gun violence. My Role: Logo Design, Interface Design, Flash Production and custom ActionScript. Custom Action script allows presenters to update the content.

Red Sky Productions — Rhett Turner wanted a cutting edge site for his documentary production company. All-Flash sites are frequently botched when they are not programmed to load properly. My Role: behind the scenes Flash programming and production.

Cusom Flash ScriptingFlash Mini-Audio Player for USM — USM loves subtle elegant design, so the standard Flash Audio player wouldn't do here. This player pulls in an mp3. The audio file is identified in the HTML code for easy updates. My Role: Custom design and ActionScript the mini audio player.

Flash Website Design -- Art of the ArchitectArt of the Architect — This all Flash site accompanied an exhibit at Atlanta's High Museum of Art and won a Graphis Interactive Design award. My Role: I served as Flash ActionScripting guru. I designed and programmed the neat "detail" viewing tool.

Web Design, Interface Design and PowerPoint

Web Design - CSS + Flash - — For this consumer products website, the marketing firm requested a site that would connect with teens while maintaining a professional tone. The design does it by blending sophistication with edginess. My Role: Design Concepts, CSS/HTML Production and Flash Integration.

Website Design, NeurogenerationNeurogeneration — This biomedical research company asked for a clean bright web site that simultaneously said modern and established. My Role: Web Design. I piggy-backed on the logo that our firm also produced to design this clean, polished, forward- looking website.

Mollenhauer Group Project ManagementMollenhauer Group — A couple of years ago I developed a relationship with the Mollenhauer Group. Our firm created a logo and marketing materials for their new Spatial Geomatics division. We followed with a website designed to appeal to the construction trade while showcasing Mollenhauer's artistic sophisticated side. Mollenhauer is a construction consulting company involved in major projects all over Los Angeles and Southern California. My Role: Project Management and Business Development

Flash Music Website Design -- Shaheen SheikSinger / Songwriter Shaheen Sheik — A beautiful website coinciding with the release of Shaheen's album "Rock Candy." Shaheen is your average mid-western raised rock and roll singer who blends her South Indian roots and electronica to create a sound all her own. The web site reflects her unique sound with bright yet soothing colors, subtle South Indian textiles and just a little bit of simple Flash interface. My Role: Website Design, Website Production, Flash Integration. (There are some site updates, like the music player, that are a little clunky for my taste).

Website Design and Development USMUniversity of Santa Monica — USM's one-of-a kind programs in Spiritual Psychology required a very special site, from the ethereal design to the efficient backend. My Role: I did some hands-on work on this project, like the Flash audio players listed above, but my work was primarily managing the project, working as a liaison between the client, the design staff and the web application developers.

Web Design -- Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce, Los AngelesSanta Monica Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles — One of our first big web design projects in Southern California. The site uses photos to allow Santa Monica to sell itself and lots of custom programming to support the membership. My Role: Primarily project management with some specialized coding and interface design. Website — The MooMilk site was one of my early web designs, formulated to resemble a comic strip. The site is still popular with schools and the droves of people who love cows. It is sorta on hiatus, but after years of developing content for free, they are making a little money back now with Adsense ads.

Interface Design -- SymantecSymantec Software Interface Design — One of my favorite projects for 2006 was my work with Symantec. For a few years my previous firm had been designing PowerPoint presentations for various departments throughout Symantec. Then last year they pulled us in on several software interface design projects. Our designs are now featured in the new 2007 releases. It was great serving as project lead through this evolving relationship. A lot of credit goes to Allyn Beth Brown who produced most of the beautiful interface designs that were adopted.