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Graphic & Web Design Resources

Here's a Quixo List of graphic design resources and sources of inspiration.

Mirko Ilic — I recently read two books edited/written by Mirko Ilic The Design of Dissent and Handwritten and, in googling, traced back to his amazing body of creative work. He's a brilliant illustrator who takes the form to great heights with wit and precision.

Matt Cutts' Blog — Search engines help us navigate through the Information Age and to watch their development is to watch a revolution unfold. There's a terrific sub-plot of black-hat search engine optimizers developing tricks to gain more attention for their web sites. My point? Oh, yea. Matt Cutts is on the front lines of spam fighting at Google. His blog debunks myths and gives a little window into the latest developments at the big G. And he seems like a really nice guy.

iStockPhoto — Is it a democratization of Photography? Or a slap in the face to serious artists? I have issues with iStockPhoto. Offering images so cheaply can't be good for the professionals who create them. But it also offers a great outlet for many AND offers images at a rate that the masses can afford. Who can resist $1 images?

Web Pro World — I found WPW while learning about search and that is where they really excel. Users will instantly answer your web design questions and there is a huge backlog of info. If you sign up they'll spam you, but i spose it is worth it.

W3 Schools — Get up to speed on CSS, or hone your XML whatever web programming you need... all for free. I've taken a couple of nice tutorials here. I don't find them beautiful to look at and the info is pretty basic and straight forward. But sometimes that's what you need. And it is so well organized, I find myself coming back for reference.

Web Monkey — Honestly I haven't used Web Monkey in a while, but over the years it taught me a lot about building web sites. Lots of excellent tutorials served up with a big helping of sass.

CSS Zen Garden — I'm kinda sick of the zen garden, but it was the pioneer evangelist of css layout and the aesthetic has flavored the look of so many sites and blogs. For the uninitiated, up 'til a couple of years ago web designers held sites together using a bunch of tables nested inside of each other. It was a mess. Now CSS allows the text to sit nicely on the page and the formatting is applied around it. You can see impressive css styles applied on the fly at the garden.

Weblog Analyzer — I love this little web site stat analyzer. Run it from your pc or schedule it on your server, it rules. I feel bad for them that the whole blog think made their name confusing.

CSS Play — This is where I found the neat dropdown menus used above. Been searching for a menu that drops down reliable in a centered layout. It uses some hacks but it is cool.